The Carousel Goes Bye, 2003

Trapped in broca’s area,

center of the storm, at last.

Outside, the world,

is just a pretty,

carousel to pass.

Figures murmur,

and they cry.

The carousel goes by.


Trapped in broca’s area;

center of the storm, in peace.

Attend awake,

for karma’s sake;

there is no big surprise.
Figures blur; shrill mezzos hum.

Some wonder when and why.

Some don’t care,

and watch the air;

the carousel goes bye.

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About Brandon K. Nobles

Brandon K. Nobles is an award-winning American author, poet, academic, artist, and Renaissance (faire) man, and aspiring over achiever Visit his official website @ and check out his upcoming epic-historical anthology The Flag Carrier's - Volume I - Heir to Ruin, co-written with Diana Yannetti. Keep up to date @ and - totally not someone pathetically trying to make themselves sound cool. Edited by @MacklinEditing

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