The Crying Equation, 2006

The equation cries.

No answer.

Press END to cancel now.

She looked at the watch again, at 12.
At 1 she drank some gin;
at 2 the equation cried again.
Hey You was the ring back tone.
Out there on your own,
no answer, says the phone.

Press 1 to hear his voice.
7 for the inbox.
Or leave a message at the tone.

The equation cries,
“One eight oh three
Oh nine for four,
Oh three, oh one.”

She read a text again.
“Imagine I’m in front of you,” it said.
“Or call me if you’d like.”

The equation cries again:

8 0 3
9 4 4
0 3 0 1

She heard Hey You once more,
before the plastic said,
“I’m afraid I’m not at home, right now,
speak when you hear the tone.”

Press 1 to leave a call back number.
5 to exit.
Or press star to cancel.
Press END to return home.”

One eight oh three,
Nine for four,
Oh three oh one that song—
equals a man who isn’t home.

[1+5 CLR *+17=0(1)-5* END]

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