The Mutiny, 2002

And it was so, time had begun,
from an infinite ball of yarn un-spun;
the world shone under the first sunrise.
The trees now breathed,
and swayed,
and sighed.

Oceans waved and were lined by sell.
And all was well.
All was well.
To writhe in bliss till all is gone,
or get caught up in the song.
Will you turn to selfish ways,
when you get lost inside the maze?

An apple taken from the tree,
was divine Adam’s mutiny.
Because of this choice,
the sun is failing.
On the sea no more are sailing.

In lonely deserts no more roam.
They wait until time to atone;
rivers run dry by screaming trees,
no longer was the cool air free.

Thousands will begin to scream,
as the stars begin to fade;
they’ll wait beside a hole,
and be swallowed by the grave.

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