Water Bringer, 1998

Once in a dream, I found myself,
somewhere in ages past;
barefoot walking a dirt road,
around me cherry leaves drift fast.

I had no rank, but carried water,
to kings and clowns alike,
on my fountain head.
I could laugh at both.

In those woods, by myself,
drowsy under a tree,
I watched daylight fall from midnight’s shelf,
and shatter into light.

Not too far from where I dreamed,
ran a river like a snake.
Under Sol’s bright watchful eyes,
I walked the same path every day.

Somedays I would have to walk,
that old jug upon my head.
Singing in that wilderness,
while still asleep in bed.

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About Brandon K. Nobles

Brandon K. Nobles is an award-winning American author, poet, academic, artist, and Renaissance (faire) man, and aspiring over achiever Visit his official website @ www.brandonknobles.com and check out his upcoming epic-historical anthology The Flag Carrier's - Volume I - Heir to Ruin, co-written with Diana Yannetti. Keep up to date @ brandonknobles.com and a-bastards-inheritance.com - totally not someone pathetically trying to make themselves sound cool. Edited by @MacklinEditing

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