Déjà Vu, 2008

Blessed are the ruined,
whose lives have gone awry;
for at one moment, in their life,
they smiled and watched the sky.

Blessed are the ones long dead,
their debts and troubles paid;
who suffer no more, the endless war,
at peace lay in a grave.

Blessed is a child in pain,
his fettered limbs,
and weakened state;
For soon he’ll see the majesty,
of Heaven’s golden gates.

Blessed are the dying men,
who all their long life gave,
to those in sin, again, again,
the Road to God is paved.

Blessed are the sufferers,
who shake all night and day,
because one day, come what may,
all their suffering goes away.
Perhaps one day, someone may find,
and read these sincere words of mine,
and to me say the same:
better luck next time, my friend,
there’s no need to explain.
Silence is the voice of God;
soon with no refrain.

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