Eulogy for the Sun, 2010

I remember Sol, our star,
whose warmth we bathed in
from afar.
We did not know
those clouds like snow
would drown our mother,
steal the stars.
The ghost’s of fallout
walked and called out
desperate in the dark.

Extinction day,
that’s what they say,
turned our skies to static gray
when the bomb was dropped.
Pictures on the evening news
saw children running scared,
Abrupt their screaming stopped.
Turned into a pile of ash
by where the bomb had dropped.

The grainy television static
showed people frightened,
running, panicked.
There was nowhere to run.
Under the sky the silence cried,
a eulogy for the sun.
This is the final broadcast,
the collapsing sequence said,
in dying neon colors flash
the sequence eerie read:
Get out of town,
go underground:
Our mother Earth is dead.

The circus mimes in sobbing lines
performed their sad charade
people walking without talking
their wistful last parade.
through the sands their caravan
when wind storms round them swayed
the road was long, the road was hard
and they were oft delayed.
At the end they would descend
into darkness out of day.

They followed echoes, dripping sounds
into the heavy breathing ground
then all them kneeling prayed.
They somehow slipped between the cracks
The sun behind them had turned black
their swan song but delayed.

When settled down, they gathered round,
an older man who sang and played,
an old guitar by fire light:
“Everything will be all right,
when night gives way to morning light.
Forget your troubled yesterdays.
and sing this song,
they’ll all be gone,
when you tomorrow wake.
Tomorrow is another day,
and all will be all right.”

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