Brandon K. Nobles – Leaves, 2010

We form like leaves,
flowers on trees—
Fall and scatter in the breeze,
not knowing there to go,
or if to go at all.
The brightest life,
the Caesar’s crown,

The rest for paupers and for clowns—
the gaudy actor’s dance around.
Emperor’s behind their desk,
sit around and nervous fret;
while paupers dance like silhouettes,
to them the world was sweet,
and mother Earth stains dancing feet.
The world as is enough for them.

To bloom into a flower bright,
And when the leaves
wave with the night,
While tranquil yearning for the lights,
Unconscious leaves drift in the wind—
Oh, how are we so much like them,
Drifting amidst the sticks and stems.

The seed is planted, and it grows,
Before us like kaleidoscopes,
Of faces sounds a constant sea—
And born afraid are we,
of the Justice of the Sun.
In the winter they quiver
Clings tightly to its limb the falls
to the ground, whose seneschal,
keeps such a watchful eye.

Snakes weave in and out of fruit,
And leave the fresh fruit dead;
With the whim of breath that blows,
Like decks of cards are in it we.

The wormholes in the apple show,
how everything one moment goes—
another apple rots,
a fresh batch falls the rest forgot.
Our sun the seasons sets in line,
The raindrops quiver on the vines,
And under the bath of light they shone;
And in the winter they were gone

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