Sonnet 13b, 2010

Sonnet. 13b

You’re the reason I live
and why I believe
the reason I give
the reason I breathe
minya koshka ya’l byu vwe

You are a breeze upon my face
and the bright light in my eyes
you are so fragrant a boquet
whose roses never die

The angel in white
appeared on the hill
I dared not look away
she extended her hand
i grabbed it and ran
we climbed over the hills
because our dreams are real

Solnse in the mid-day sky
brings a thousand lookers by
and you my hope the light of my life
one krazhne sveta in the rye
and when I get to close my eyes
such lovely faces pass me by

Your fingers dance as misting rain
along my stomach traces plain
sweet nothings not be seen
Wandering blind we saw-we seen
the perfect mold for all my dreams

To hold you in embrace, what love,
to feel our fingers clasp;
as worries scatters in the wind
there is no other past

And when the grey clouds trot away
back together face to face
an inch apart complete embrace
a taste of heaven for me
And your faces glows neon bright
To see it is to weep;
there’s nothing left but you and me.

The quiet walks within my dreams
the loose sand shuffling under feet
We wait under the moon
We sit there as the hours past
sharing wine–such fancy glass
The hours pass until at lass
miss Luna lay to sleep.
the thundering of the sun must be
her lullaby to keep

And when the moon was sound asleep
the sky an eerie hue
a carpet full of stars on which to lays
in our dreamworlds crystal blue
Nothing left but me and you

If somehow together we lived forever
we’d wake to each in morn
just one smile could much beguile
a lifelong lived forlorn

Nessuna miseria;
Dies irae, dies illa
solvet saeclum in favilla
Nessuna nay
nay miseria,
no reason for us but to be here;
Koshka just you and me,
and to that one c’est la vie:

“Our frailties help, our vice control;
Submit the senses to the soul,
And, when rebellious they are grown,
Then lay thy hand, and hold them down.

“Chase from our minds infernal foe,
And peace, the fruit of love, bestow;
And, lest our feet should step astray,
Protect and guide us on our way.”

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