Brandon K. Nobles – Of Self and Servitude, 2011

Something like a slave,
With no work left to do,
A nine-to-five in some beehive;
Let’s look at what’s in store for you:
Silver glasses blocked the eyes,
And headphones played shrill lullabies—
The fallen angel on the beach,
Relaxed with an opium pipe in her teeth,
Gaudy had been plucked her wings—
Her halo turned to rust, then dust that blew away.
Little more than human beings—
They sold their silk to antique show.
Cane and Abel’s pay-per-view,
Sodom and Gomorrah is tomorrow.
Stay tuned after the news,
And get your tickets now:
Looking for nothing?
Follow me—that is our generation’s
great disease;
See how low the scum will go.
The devil is the bus-boy,
Pay the price, we’ll go:
Down and down and further down—
The sun it crawls below.

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