Brandon K. Nobles – Alice in Three Shades of Blue

At night the young blue lady walks
amongst the flowers wild
where highway roads are full of holes
In the dark she walked for miles
The morning came,
the light did bear
down on the young blue where

Sleepy in the morning
gray came down the rain
The sky in downcast purple folds
above the roads the gray clouds rolled
breathing easy in the vine
both sides where she once lost her mind
tht wandering girl’s unsteady line
closer round where fortune bound
through the woods whence silent goes

Through the treeline thought she heard
the sound of a paper bird
streetlike shadows crossed the night
with an aura of pale light
stopped for a moment, the world, it glowed;
She dug her toes into the ground
and she felt just like a rose
She drank the air and there to grow.

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