Counterpane, (From the titular Counterpane and Other Poems) ‘Ere each day fare with tangled hair she stood above her village fair and it was her land-Counterpane in towers, blocks, and figurines across the floor was scattered more plastic men-her children wore Queen Lily’s royal robes they fell- her tresses, silk like folds like clouds they […]

DAVID HUME WAS A POPULAR SCOTTISH philosopher and naturalist. He didn’t live long enough to become acquainted with Darwin’s On the Origin of Species or Mendel’s theory of dominant and recessive genes, but he was very keen on science, nature over myth, and proof over faith. Conceding a less deterministic, pre-programmed ideal of humanity and the […]

LITERATURE, IN EVOLUTIONARY TERMS, BEGINS and ends with the idea. Even if the idea is unconsciously expressed, it is behind the conveyance of all forms of information. Because of this, the idea is behind the edifice of standardized language. Language is a recent development; the end product of intermediate stages that have been changed throughout history. […]

In atomic potentiation, and the arrangement of the particle’s constituents, there must be, inevitably, particles that are, and remain, undifferentiated ‘raw’ particles, having not, by a process made understandable by understanding embryonic stem cells which, from a blastocyst are pluripotent stem cells, obtained structural formation instruction. This means they can divided into more types of […]

THE INFORMATION PARADOX GAVE ME A GLIMPSE INTO the mechanism of different but current realities which led to the development of a type of mathematics blending trigonometric functions and a particular type of calculus which affords us the ability to calculate the discrepancy between reference points on rigid bodies and event mass probabilities. Einstein was […]

IN A WORLD OF CONSTANT SHORTAGES, ONE QUANTITY remains in an abundant supply. It’s called entropy. The science of thermodynamics is based on four fundamental axioms which are called the four laws of thermodynamics. Of these four laws, the second law wass discovered first, and the first law was discovered second, and the third to […]