FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY IS NOW PARTLY MYTH. He is perhaps as popular in the English speaking world as he is in his native Russia. His work is that of an exaggerated naturalist by tradition and a psychologist in practice. He is deservingly famed for his intensive, microscopic analysis of the human condition and the psychological insight […]

4 Alissa pushed the mirror away and covered her face, holding her eyes shut tightly. Her father sat beside her. The lady – she could tell through each small sound, still at strange heights – began to redress the magic mirror. She couldn’t shake the image bu she tried, for hours hoping, praying, begging, wishing […]

Here it is, the absolutely not 77 page poem. All TOMORROW’S PARTIES By Brandon K. Nobles Dm _______________________ For you, dear Reader, on this page The manic instrokes–Rorschach’s face; The plot is but an Artist’s grave, Which to delay, he must betray, The soul that he must hide to save. Dmin7 _____________________ And in time, […]

The time-traveler’s wife was one of my favorites, one of the first productions I ever staged. Less a wife and more a friend, but it didn’t matter. Love doesn’t change based on what name it’s given. The room is dark, some buzzing sounds, some lights. The Professor is humming a song, preparing the machine, ‘We’re […]

My name is Renette, after Madame de Pompadore, famed mistress to the King of France. I went to Lycee Montgrande, a small drama-school by the coast. I work at a theatre, Le petit illusion. It was opened by my grandfather after the Second World War and left to mother in his will. An only child, I had […]