The Courier’s Keep, new poem – 26 October 2016

In memory of lost friends, for Suzanne

Still she walks beneath the Lake,
taking the path she could not take,
she took it nonetheless;
With silver skin and coral crown
adorned with pearls and sea-leaves gown,
Is keeper of the broken bow;
Specter of grief, the waves, she weeps,
Drowning herself that she might keep,
the souls of those who wish to sink.

Each sailor lost knows that dread path,
along the riverbank and grass,
To greet –
the Wailing widow of the Deep;
And they pray upon the Path
That their souls and hearts, she’ll keep;
the living left from grief and death –
And spared the Demon’s Teeth.

She is the courier between,
the Glass Cathedral and the Dream;
Deliverer of each message, and each bottle,
ever found upon a beach,
she took the path we cannot take,
but must take nonetheless;
Between the Morning and the Rest,
Along the path that we must take,
Through the long grass to the Lake,
where she the guide may in Long Spring
Walk on,
to take the weak and wearied Home.

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