Hand/brain with my brother, Dustin: 1-0 against the Dutch defense

A fun game I played with my brother tonight, feel free to challenge us on lichess @sisyphusunemployed. Before we looked at the evaluation, my brother said “we played too passive,” and I tended to agree. Chess.com’s engine evaluated it at 92% with 0 inaccuracies, 1 mistake, 0 blunders, and 0 missed wins:

A terribly passive game, a game which – despite feeling better – we thought we could have gotten more out of the position. But, passive.

Hand/brain is a fun way to play chess – it’s coordinated between two players, the hand, who is to move the pieces, and the brain, who is to say a piece. The brain says “pawn” and it is up to the hand to move a given pawn, as only the piece is named by the brain. The brain says the piece that is to be moved and nothing else, while the hand must try to move the correct piece based on the position. So if the brain says bishop, the hand must know what the fuck to do with that bishop.

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