We are the footprints by the Sea. The waters come, and waters leave. Miss Sea, you see, your children taken; Children of the Sea forsaken. See me sea Miss Galilee. Bring back what she took from me; bring back what you swallowed whole. The yawning, old, and wide mouthed urn, lolled on, but never turned, […]

Breathe Awake A little stroll another day’s assembly rolled Off the line for but a time And La, de, da it goes. Sunshine The quilt of day Under which the children play Breathe A walk A little talk It cannot last they say and our tomorrow will become another yesterday Sunshine, the quilt of day, […]

1 Milo, are you there? “Hello—“ How have you been old friend? “You know—“ I saw Diane, again, “Her ghost?” Of all the friends that I have lost, she bothers me the most of all. “What did you see?” She waved at me. 2 Through the window, down the eaves— She follows me into my […]

10 March 2015 Op. 44 (Necromancy) When reading prose, tall-tales, and poems, we start not knowing where it’s going, and yet we know it’s brief. The beginning, insincerely, leaves us with just our memories Guideposts spread among a web allowing us to find, the friends we’ve lost, we’ve left behind More than childhood, more than […]