A look at my best games and tournaments

No commentary today, but it’ll be here soon. Enjoy the game, if you can. I tried to sync up Leela’s evaluation as the game progresses, but it didn’t turn out too well. I’ll do the commentary when I have a better video to add. Enjoy!

This was a rapid game – 10 minutes for each player – played on chess.com and the first game of Bratya’s to be shared widely and commented upon by high profile players, commentators and YouTube personalities – after Agadmator, the famous Croatian chess YouTuber retweeted it – and the attack with which the game culminates […]

Since taking up the game with renewed seriousness in 2018, Brandon has brought his rating up from 1500 to 2012 and, in that time, has beaten titled players: including a FIDE master; (FM) a Candidate Master (CM), and International Master (IM). This page is dedicated to his most exciting and creative games from the last three years of competitive play.