Essays in academic subjects comprising art, history, literature, biology, physics, language, philosophy, and science –

1: The Contrarian Argument Fallacy 

2: How Something Comes From Nothing through Natural Processes

3:  On Atheism

4: Hypothetical Heroes & the Totem of Fear

5: Nostalgia and the Romance of Memory

6: Idoru – Fake For Its Own Sake 

29 October 2015 – The Death Penalty

18 October 2015: Political Correctness

12 October 2015: Feminism

10 October 2015: Theatre and Culture

8 October 2015: Anxiety and Inaction 

7 October 2015: Subjectivity and Sensationalism in the Media

25 September 2015: Loss

2 September 2015: The Prodigy Problem 

10 August 2015: Behind the Why – Scholarship and Understanding

5 August 2015: The Ugly Side of Beauty

1 August 2015: Censorship

24 July 2015: Writing

22 July 2015: Identity

20 July 2015: Skepticism

18 July 2015: Inspiration

16 July 2015: Happiness

14 July 2015: Philosophers

12 July 2015: Remorse

10 July 2015: Tragedy





Historical Fiction & Cultural Identity

A Rose By Another Name

Sherlock Holmes and Telling the Truth Through Fiction

Shakespeare: Choice & Fate, Fathers & Sons

The Problem With Criticism

Why Art Matters – 10 May 2016

On the Interpretation of Art

Real Fake Doors! & the Authenticity of Fiction

Religion, the Cult of Personality, and Liberation in Art (George Orwell and Eastern Philosophy)

The Conspiracy of History – Jacopo della Quercia and his Magic Pocket Watch

On Villainy

Hawthorne’s Letter to the Cult of Judgment (The Scarlet Letter & the Crucible) 

Visually Speaking: An American Look at The Killing Fields (1984)

The Edifice of Poetic Structures

Poetry: its Forms and Traditions

The Ever-Haunted House: Art in Life and History 

Proust’s Way – Life and Romance in a Search For Lost Time

Lo-lee-ta: The Exorcism of Vladimir Nabokov

Dreampool: The Immortality of Meaning

The Doctor is Sick: Dissecting Dostoevsky

Wait, This Is no Cigar – Allegory, Irony, and Metaphor

The Artist’s Eye and the Poetic Sensibility

A Critical Study of Tupac’s Changes

Marco Polio! The Word Virus

Subjectivity in Art and Literary Criticism

The Evolving Window: the Past Through Different Eyes

The Eukaryotic Idea: Memetic Ancestry


Please check back for more later – BN

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