In academia, a student is often brought to answer a uniquely pressing question: what lends credibility to one person’s ideas over the opinion of another person, if both are of equal standing and repute? Experts are commonly those who have achieved repute and influence due to a demonstration of understanding and practical application of their ideas […]

Inspiration is a great motivational force in the creation of art, in the performance of duty, in writing and painting and music. We hear about the Muse, Calliope for writing poetry (there are nine according to Hesiod — including Clio, discoverer of history and guitar. Seriously) and we assume that all great art is great because of inspiration, genius, or prodigious […]

Breathe Awake A little stroll another day’s assembly rolled Off the line for but a time And La, de, da it goes. Sunshine The quilt of day Under which the children play Breathe A walk A little talk It cannot last they say and our tomorrow will become another yesterday Sunshine, the quilt of day, […]

  A philosopher holds a unique, almost exalted position in academia, a position distinct from that of the other sciences, the hard sciences; such as physics, math, engineering, and biology; as well as other, similar branches, psychology and theology. It is the discipline of questions and inquiry. The willingness to question, while now applauded and admired, was […]

1 Milo, are you there? “Hello—“ How have you been old friend? “You know—“ I saw Diane, again, “Her ghost?” Of all the friends that I have lost, she bothers me the most of all. “What did you see?” She waved at me. 2 Through the window, down the eaves— She follows me into my […]

10 March 2015 Op. 44 (Necromancy) When reading prose, tall-tales, and poems, we start not knowing where it’s going, and yet we know it’s brief. The beginning, insincerely, leaves us with just our memories Guideposts spread among a web allowing us to find, the friends we’ve lost, we’ve left behind More than childhood, more than […]

A poem a tale, about a shadow that crept along the wall it’s frail silhouettes curtain call Ta-da, it’s done the show has stopped the sun has gone, the seagulls of the surf had flown. To a new place one word of black with light shaped bullets through criss crossed in pairs so debenair the […]

The benefits from the death penalty, in society, are purely psychological. The death of one man on death row contributes nothing to the bereaved; it merely satisfies their need for revenge. With their revenge having been satisfied, what of the man’s family? What of the woman’s family? What if they’re not 100% sure the person […]