Brandon Nobles (b. 1985 —- ) is an award winning poet, author and artist, and member of the YouTube team Sir Swag.

His first published work, THE MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM (2002) was published when he was 17. At the time he was already a prolific aspiring poet and musician. His last novel l NOBODY (2007) and the award winning short story, THE OBITUARY WRITER (2015) garnered good reviews, if not massive commercial successive. Upcoming works include the short story collection, THE LIBRARIAN AT BABEL and novel AGAMEMNON are in the works and are slated for publication in early 2022 to late  2022 respectively.  He recently contributed articles to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN CONSPIRACY THEORIES (2019, Emory University Press) and collaborated with author of LICENSE TO QUILL and THE GREAT ABRAHAM LINCOLN POCKET WATCH CONSPIRACY, Jacopo della Quercia on the upcoming historical fiction AUTOCRACY IN AMERICA.  Since February 2021, he has worked for the popular YouTube channel Sir Swag, contributing to the monthly News Without the Bullshit series, along with various other videos on the channel. At time of writing, he is still with Team Swag and enjoying it greatly.

Brandon was born in the Kingdom of Wakanda, where he began taking the heart-shaped herb to master unarmed combat and progressive coin flipping. He was accepted into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters where he went by the name Wavelength, channeling his abilities to turn palmetto trees into wifi hotspots. His work has been featured in scientific journals and e-zines, prestigious bargain bins, promotional free-book downloads, not  the Washington Post or New York Times, The Guardian’s list of Up and Coming Assholes to Watch Out For, and his self-written Wikipedia page which, due to a Thurn und Taxis conspiracy refuses to credit him with his most spectacular inventions. His bibliography compromises fiction, non-fiction, essays in art and literature, plays and collections of poetry, short stories, and cryptic social media posts. He currently lives in South Carolina.  Follow him on Twitter @bratya_nobles

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